New three-level pavilion, entrance fountain coming to Epcot

Epcot new pavilion concept art
Concept art for a new three-level pavilion to be built at Epcot.

With many longtime Epcot locations closing this weekend at Epcot, Club Cool, Fountain View, and Found of Nations to name a few, it seems like a good time to talk about the new pavilion that will be built where some of these buildings currently stand.

This new three-level pavilion will be “home base” for Epcot festivals, host live events, and include nighttime spectacular views. The lower floor is the plaza level, the middle floor is expo level, and the top will feature a park. If it looks remotely like the concept art, it should be stunning, especially the top level.

New Epcot entrance fountain concept art
Concept art for a new fountain to be built at the entrance of Epcot.

In addition to this new pavilion, a new futuristic looking fountain will be built in front of Spaceship Earth at the park entrance. New green spaces will also be added that should provide more beauty and even more important, some shade.

I’m looking forward to these changes to Epcot. It’s going to look so different from what we’ve come to know over the years, but the changes seem mostly positive. We just have to make it through a deluge of construction walls for the next few years to get there.